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The Ultimate Guide: How to Refill JUUL 2 Pods Like a Pro

The JUUL 2 is becoming more and more popular among vapers thanks to its simple pod system and sophisticated design. JUUL is currently the most popular and well-known pod system among vapers. Its unique, graceful, non-cylindrical shape makes it stand out from the others. One of the best things about refillable JUUL pods is that they can store a variety of e-juices, such as salt-nic and other flavours of your choice. In addition to using pre-made options, you may also refill JUUL pods at home.

Although JUUL pods are widely available, some users would rather refill their pods with their preferred e-liquids in order to save money and minimise waste. We’ll lead you through the entire JUUL 2 pods refilling process in this in-depth guide, guaranteeing a pleasurable vaping experience without going over budget.

Supplies Required:

1. The JUUL 2 Pod

2. Any e-liquid you like

3. Tiny tweezers made of metal or plastic

4. Tissue or paper towels

5. Tiny needle or toothpick

6. Rubber gloves are optional for cleaning

JUUL 2 Pods

Step-by-step guide:

1. Set Up Your Workspace:

Make sure you can see the details well and that the environment is spotless and well-lit to prevent spills.

2. Remove the Mouthpiece:

  Gently pull the mouthpiece from the JUUL 2 pods using a small pair of tweezers. Since you’ll have to reattach it later, take care not to damage it.

  • After you’ve successfully removed the lid, the next step—removing the silicone cover right away—can be a little challenging. The silicone cover functions as a shield to stop the vape e-juice from spilling.
  • Use a tool or a small screwdriver to remove the silicone cover. Securing a grip requires inserting the tool between the silicone cover and the pod. Wiggle the silicone cover out with little pressure once you have a solid grip.
  • Get a strong grip on the silicone cover with your hands and remove it fast.

3.Open the Rubber Seal:

   The e-liquid chamber is sealed with a rubber band after the mouthpiece is taken off. Using the tweezers, carefully lift the rubber seal to reveal the fill holes.

4. Empty the JUUL pod.

It’s time to empty the JUUL pod and any remaining e-juice from it after taking off the silicone cover. After removing the remaining e-juice from the pod and placing it on paper, clean it as follows:

  • Put cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol to make use of them.
  • In order to extract any remaining alcohol from the pod, gently squeeze the cotton swab.
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean the pod’s corners and all points of contact.

5. Select Your E-Liquid:

 Pick your favourite flavour of e-liquid and carefully pour it into a syringe or dropper. Verify if the e-liquid and your JUUL 2 pod are compatible.

6. Fill the Pod:

 Do not insert the syringe or dropper into the centre hole; instead, use one of the fill holes. Fill the pod gradually and slowly until it is filled to the brim, around 0.7 ml.

7. Observe any air bubbles:

   Slightly tilt the pod and look for any air bubbles. If they are, press down on the e-liquid surface with a toothpick or fine needle to gently release them.

8. Reattach the Rubber Seal:

Make sure the rubber seal fits snugly over the fill holes to stop any leaks.

9. Reattach the Mouthpiece:

Make sure the mouthpiece clicks back into position on the pod.

10. Leave the Pod to Prime:

Give the loaded pod a few minutes to settle so the e-liquid may adequately saturate the coil and wick.

11. Clean Up:

To ensure cleanliness, use a paper towel or tissue to wipe down the pod and your workspace.

In summary:

Best wishes! Your JUUL 2 pods has been successfully filled. Savour the flavours of your favourite e-liquids while conserving money and the environment. Keep in mind to handle e-liquids safely at all times, and store your refilled pods in a cold, dry location. Cheers to your vaping!

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